About Us

At the heart of FoodPro is the drive to build a sustainable world-class company. We make agri-products of the highest quality that meet our customer’s needs. This is made possible through a skilled workforce with years of experience in manufacturing superb food products.

Sustainability is at the core of our strategy and implicit in the execution of daily tasks and our overall growth plan. FoodPro aims to add value to society by creating employment and business opportunities for rural Nigerian men and women.

Our journey began in 2010, and our initial focus was on processing then exporting cashew kernels to European markets. Since then, we have grown rapidly and expanded our customer base, whilst maintaining superior quality produce. Ultimately, we seek to provide our customers with a wide range of exceptional agriculture goods, and in the process, enhance local communities around us.

Customers we serve

Agric: We buy raw cashew nuts, process and then distribute the cashew kernels to commodity brokers and food producers. We also sell chicken farm feed to farmers.

Food: We provide branded and private label cashew nuts for retail chains.

Industrial: We supply industrial users with by products, such as Cashew nutshell liquid, from our processing plants.

Energy: We supply energy sources to local processors.

FOODPRO, Owa Kajola Street, Adelodun Road, Ilorin Kwara, Nigeria.
Email Address: info@foodpro-group.com Company Registration No: RC908271