The Cashew Nut & Kernel

Foodpro is primarily a processor and exporter of cashew kernel. However another key product for Foodpro is the export aw cashew nuts.

The cashew tree is native to north-eastern Brazil. In the mid-to-late 1500s, Portuguese traders and explorers introduced the cashew tree to India and to the east coast of Africa in an area that is now Mozambique. In Africa, the tree was spread along the east coast (today, Kenya and Tanzania) and was later introduced to the continent’s west coast, where it presently grows from Senegal to Nigeria.

Portuguese and Spanish traders also introduced the cashew tree to Southeast Asia. The cashew tree now grows in tropical climates of about thirty countries across the globe within a band approximately 25-30 degrees north and south latitude of the equator.

India is the largest single producer of cashew nuts while West Africa--principally Ivory Coast, Benin, and Guinea-Bissau—is the largest regional producer. Vietnam, Brazil, and East Africa are other major sources of production. Indonesia has become a major producer and exporter of raw cashews in Southeast Asia.

The world map above identifies major producers and the most important exporters of raw cashews and/or processed cashew kernels. The cashew kernel trade and the raw cashew trade are highlighted, showing the major kernel export destinations from India, Vietnam, and Brazil and the sources of Indian and Vietnamese raw cashew imports.

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